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Incentives for landlords to engage early and join voluntary registration scheme

Wednesday, 3 November 2021

Key at a lock with a house keychain hangingLandlords are being encouraged to join the Voluntary Landlord Registration Scheme, in preparation for a mandatory register being introduced next year.

The benefits of joining the scheme while it is voluntary include:

  • Free registration for the first five years, including automatic transfer onto the mandatory register in 2022 - subject to further self-declaration.
  • A unique registration number to assist in marketing properties, which will be essential for applying and qualifying for grant assistance through the Green Living Grant Scheme recently launched by the Department for Enterprise.

The Landlord Registration (Private Housing) Bill 2020 completed its passage through the branches of Tynwald in July 2021, and will lead to the registration of landlords, their representatives and properties becoming a legal requirement during 2022.

In order to be added to the voluntary register landlords will be required to make a self-declaration and provide documents to prove that both they and the property meet certain management, condition and safety standards.

Infrastructure Minister Tim Crookall MHK said:

‘Landlords are encouraged to sign up onto the voluntary register now, whilst it is free and to make the transition to the mandatory register easier for them when the time comes.’

For more information about the Voluntary Landlord Registration Scheme and to download the application form and guidance documents, please visit

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