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Smooth transition to new homes for Corrin residents

Friday, 25 June 2021

A focused, professional approach to helping residents at Corrin Memorial Home find places at other homes in the Island is ensuring a smooth and swift transition for all, with wrap-around support.   

It is planned that the 15 remaining residents at Corrin Home will have moved safely to their new homes within the next week with the majority being offered a place at their first choice home. 

A dedicated team of social work and social care professionals from Manx Care has undertaken an assessment of each individual’s needs, with options and families’ preferences for next steps taken into account. The assessment process was initiated by DHSC and supported by the Directors and Trustees of the Corrin, when it was confirmed this month that the home’s closure could not be delayed. 

Minister for Health and Social Care David Ashford said:

‘We have done everything possible to minimise any upset for residents, their relatives and staff during this unsettling period. Our team has worked in partnership with the families and staff at the Corrin, to find the best outcome for their loved ones, despite the difficult circumstances.

The Minister added:

‘I want to thank everyone involved and in particular our social work team, for helping to ensure a person-centred approach and for their unwavering focus on the welfare of each individual. They have shown great empathy and professionalism. I also pay tribute to the dedicated Corrin home staff who have put the needs of the residents first to ensure this process runs smoothly - despite the impact closure will have on them personally. As this chapter draws to a close, I wish the residents well as they prepare to settle into their new homes.’

As well as individual assessments, each resident has received a PCR test for COVID-19 prior to their move. St John Ambulance will assist in moving residents from Corrin to their chosen new home.   

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