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New pregnancy service to be offered to bereaved women

Wednesday, 7 July 2021

A new service for pregnant women who have previously lost their baby is being offered by the Forget-Me-Not Midwifery Team at the Island’s Jane Crookall Maternity Unit.

The Rainbow Care service will be offered to women who are more than 16 weeks pregnant by the Noble’s Hospital Team. The title of the service is taken from the term ‘rainbow pregnancy’ which refers to any subsequent pregnancy following one which resulted in the loss of a baby. It will see a team of eight dedicated Midwives and Midwifery Assistants provide support to expectant mothers and their families right through to the delivery of their ‘rainbow baby’.

Midwives will be on hand to attend all of a woman’s Antenatal appointments with her to provide additional reassurance, try to reduce her anxiety and provide emotional support.

Dianne Rubery, Lead Midwife within the Forget-Me-Not Team at Noble’s Hospital, commented:

'We understand for women who fall pregnant following a ‘baby born sleeping’ it can be an extremely emotional and difficult time not just for them, but for the members of their immediate family too, so being able to provide extra support for women in this position is great.

'It really is a personalised service tailored to their individual needs, which can really differ between women. Our new service is not compulsory, although we’d encourage any woman who feels they may benefit from this support to get in touch. The team is really excited to launch this new service for women on the Island and we hope it’ll prove to be really beneficial for them.'

Any woman experiencing a rainbow pregnancy who may benefit from this service is encouraged to get in contact with the Forget-Me-Not Midwifery Team via email ( They’ll be assigned under the care of a specific team member who will follow the woman throughout her pregnancy. Women are able to change their minds about receiving the service at any time, should they wish to.

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