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Government takes steps to spur urban regeneration in Douglas and Onchan

Wednesday, 11 August 2021

Efforts by the Government to drive regeneration and investment in parts of Douglas and Onchan have taken a step forward with the publication of feasibility studies for five urban areas.

It follows the completion of the Area Plan for the East and the designation of four sites in Douglas and one in Onchan as ‘comprehensive treatment areas’ (CTAs).

CTAs are sites with opportunity for economic, environmental, infrastructural or social improvement but which would benefit from some level of co-ordinated enhancement or change.

Together with sites included in the Unoccupied Urban Sites Register for the East, designating areas as CTAs is intended to focus urban regeneration initiatives where they are most needed, and support further private sector investment in surrounding areas.  It is hoped that CTAs will drive and enable redevelopment and positive change.

The Government has developed proposed treatment plans for the five designated CTAs, and has taken this work a step further with the preparation of feasibility studies, which have been published:

Each feasibility study tells the story of how an area has evolved over time. They detail the historical development and an analysis of each area. The studies identify opportunities whilst recognising potential barriers to development.

Ray Harmer MHK, Minister for Policy and Reform, said:

“There are parts of the Island’s capital and surrounding areas that have been blighted by the lack of regeneration and investment for many years.  The Area Plan for the East and these feasibility studies seek to address this issue.  I very much hope that these feasibility studies will serve as a catalyst to drive much needed regeneration and allow dilapidated areas of the capital and Onchan to thrive once again.

“The feasibility studies are a fascinating look into past ventures and future potential, and I am looking forward to seeing the changes they may spark.”

The studies are now available to view 

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