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Public input invited as two further health and care surveys go live

Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Two new online surveys have opened to gather feedback from the public on the health and care services provided to people with cardiology and vascular health needs. 

The questionnaires are the latest in a wide-ranging review being carried out by the Health and Care Transformation Programme, which is considering the redesign of services in a number of key areas. Feedback on current services is vital, to ensure the needs and views of patients and service users are included in new-look care pathways, which will take a holistic approach to meeting an individual’s needs.   

The Cardiology survey is for anyone who has had or currently receives care for their heart, circulation or uncontrolled blood pressure. Vascular services are for those who have had or currently receive care for blood clots, regularly attend the blood clinic, have had treatment for a leg ulcer or undergone vascular surgery. The sphere of care also includes those who suffer vascular dementia and other issues related to poor circulation. 

Minister for Health and Social Care David Ashford said:

‘We are reaching out to people who have needed care for their heart and circulation. We are keen to find out if they would like to see any changes to the services and support they currently receive, or have ideas for improvements. 

He added:

‘The surveys are central to the Pathfinder stage of the Transformation Programme, designing integrated, responsive models of care which are sustainable in the long term. In his landmark health and care review, Sir Jonathan Michael concluded that we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform our services for the better. It is a clarion call we are acting on – and the health and care surveys are an important step in achieving that change.'

The Transformation team is already working with user groups and third sector providers to gain further insight and input to the reviews, and several partners are helping to gather views from users of their services, in separate initiatives. 

The questionnaires are available online until 11 December 2020 

There is still time for users of the Island’s services for children with complex needs and people with autism to contribute to similar public surveys. Online questionnaires are live until Thursday 26 November.

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