Isle of Man releases Climate Change Bill

Friday, 24 July 2020

Isle of Man tables Climate Change Bill, committing to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, and releases actionable plan to achieve this

  • Isle of Man Government releases action plan prioritising emission-reducing initiatives
  • Initiatives can form a significant part of the Island’s economic rebuild following Covid-19
  • Government actively seeks a green recovery in its updated budget for 2020-21

The Isle of Man (IOM) Government has this week tabled the Climate Change Bill before its Parliament, Tynwald, committing the current government and future administrations to reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, in line with the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report.

The IOM Government has also published a progress report on the first phase of its climate change action plan, as well as releasing plans that prioritise emission-reducing initiatives that help boost the economy and support society as part of the post COVID-19 economic recovery.

Priority actions, which will be initiated over the next 12 months, include: improving energy efficiency in buildings, creating green jobs and a skilled workforce to deliver net zero, further developing low carbon travel options and renewable energy initiatives, promoting natural carbon capture and supporting a better work life balance and well-being for everyone.

The report states that the current work being done to rebuild the IOM economy post Covid-19 will recognise that future emissions reduction initiatives can form a significant part of the economic stimulus to rapidly restart the local economy. 

Earlier this week, the IOM Government also announced its updated budget for 2020-21, in which it actively seeks a green recovery. A £100m Economic Recovery Fund has been created, along with measures to protect jobs, secure investment and enable growth as part of the IOM’s financial fightback from coronavirus.

Geoffrey Boot MHK, Minister for the Environment, Food and Agriculture comments:

‘The drafting of the Climate Change Bill represents a very significant step forward for the Isle of Man’s commitment to reducing our emissions and reaching net zero by 2050. I am very happy with the progress we have made over the 14 months since the climate emergency was acknowledged. Despite the global pandemic we have managed to progress on many of our climate commitments set out and approved in January this year.

'Our plan proposes a new approach to climate action that really captures the progress we’ve inadvertently made during lockdown, whilst also reflecting the new economic, health, social and environmental realities we all face in the midst of the global pandemic.

‘We have a real chance to build upon our renewed appreciation for our Island community, and the value of living in the world’s only entire jurisdiction to be designated as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Building on the ethos of Biosphere we can build back better and create a thriving low carbon economy.’

Following the updated 2020-21 Budget, Treasury Minister Alfred Cannan MHK commented:

‘’We will invest in our Island by accelerating investment programmes and schemes to improve our digital capabilities, speed up national high-speed broadband, accelerate climate change commitments and improve core infrastructure – being ready to support up to 1,000 jobs and taking our Island forward to a greener, cleaner future.’

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