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Return lane to be added to the Douglas Promenade one-way system to help businesses

Friday, 10 July 2020

Isle of Man Government is adding a return lane to Douglas Promenade that will help businesses on the south end of the Promenade by allowing northbound traffic to return south along the walkway.

Running from the access point used for walkway parking at Christmas through to the Sea Terminal, cars will be able to return alongside the Sea Wall in a fully coned segregated area, leaving over ten metres of width for other users. 

The measure will help businesses make their deliveries and enable customers to be dropped off or picked up by car or taxi. 

Infrastructure Minster Tim Baker MHK said:

‘We are committed to getting the Promenade done and we will be getting it done by the end of March so we can make a success of next year’s visitor season. I am very aware that this comes with short term impacts and will do what I can to help without compromising the delivery of the scheme.

‘The return lane will help residents and businesses at the south end of the Prom; those at the north end can use Empress Drive or Port Jack to return south. Meanwhile we are retaining most of the walkway for use by pedestrians, cyclists and, if necessary, the emergency services. We announced the changes to Marina Road and Summerhill in early June and have plenty of time to install the return lane next week so it is ready when the closures take place later this month.

‘The Department remains willing to adapt its plans in the light of experience and feedback, provided this can be done without affecting the delivery of the scheme. For example we recently extended the left turn lane at St Ninian’s and added a cyclist advance stop line to help this junction cope better with the 10,000 extra cars a day heading south.

‘The Department will continue to make what changes it can to support local businesses and residents. I am currently reviewing the provision of parking in Douglas and plan to use the imminent return of both Chester Street and Drumgold Street car parks to our management to help those affected by the Promenade works.’

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