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Improvements to the Nunnery footpath will provide a safe and enjoyable route for walking and cycling

Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Work is now completed on improving the Nunnery footpath. Improvements include removal of obstructions, such as undergrowth and debris, resurfacing and drainage to provide an even surface and prevent build-up of standing water and the widening of some sections to allow adequate space.

The footpath has now reopened and is an alternative route to joining the cycle lane on Peel Road from Old Castletown Road. It will allow active commuters another option to travel towards the centre of Douglas. The pathway goes through a quiet picturesque area of Douglas making it ideal for commuting and for recreation alike.

Following the opening of the Heritage Trail and the addition of the pedestrian crossing at the Quarterbridge, as part of the Active Travel Strategy, this is another section of dedicated walk/cycle path connecting Peel and Douglas.

Infrastructure Minister, Tim Baker MHK said:

‘The route was in need of clearing to make it a safer and more enjoyable path. Providing dedicated walking and cycling routes into Douglas will encourage more people to use the route, especially those who may feel less confident travelling on shared roads.

‘It is an important part of the Active Travel Strategy that we create routes that are usable and safe with minimal requirements for additional specialist equipment or clothing.

‘We will continue to work with Island schools, businesses and residents as we move towards an Island where cycling and walking are normal and realistic transport choices for people of all ages and abilities.’

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