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Red Panda Kush escapes for second time

Thursday, 9 January 2020

Kush red panda

A red panda has escaped from the Curraghs Wildlife Park for the second time.

Kush is one of three red pandas in the Park’s collection and previously escaped in October when a branch fell down to form a bridge, allowing him to climb out of his enclosure.

The seven-year-old was captured four weeks later in a nearby garden safe and well.

An investigation has been launched as to how the animal escaped this time. 

General manager Kathleen Graham, said red pandas are 'very hardy' but added that she was 'very concerned' about locating the missing animal.

Red Pandas, which are classified as endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List, are great climbers and very curious, which means that they tend to be difficult to contain.

The Wildlife Park team have been extensively searching the surrounding area and urge motorists to slow down in the vicinity of the Park.

The animal is not dangerous, but if spotted the public should not try to catch it, but call the Wildlife Park on +44 1624 897323.

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