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New bus timetable comes into operation on 2 March 2020

Monday, 24 February 2020

A new bus timetable will come into operation on Monday 2 March containing a number of improvements in response to passenger-demand and to enable a more efficient use of resources.

Jason Moorhouse MHK, Member with responsibility for Transport Services, said:

’The revised timetable is informed by demand and feedback from passengers, while fulfilling our role in providing services to rural communities and enabling social inclusion. Our aim is to focus our resources on the areas where passenger numbers show that buses are most needed.

‘Delivering a more efficient service and protecting public funds are, of course, key objectives, but we are always aware that our passengers have a choice. With our modern fleet of buses, our wide range of ticketing options and convenient services we are making it easier than ever for Island residents to make the move to travelling by bus and to help us address our climate challenge’

‘A number of services have been changed to better match passenger need and demand. These changes are detailed in a summary sheet that can be found on our website alongside the new timetables. Regular passengers will see the notices on their bus but we would encourage all passengers to check the new timetables as there are some adjustments to the timing of services on a number of routes and we would not want passengers to miss a bus that is now leaving 5 minutes earlier than before. There are more significant changes in some areas, including Douglas, Laxey and the Northern parishes. Due to low demand the Promenade Shuttle will no longer run, with Friday 28 being the last day of operation. The Prom will still be served by 4 buses an hour for much of the day.

Mr Moorhouse added:

‘Changes being introduced next week will improve services in many areas and will hopefully lead to a further increase in passenger numbers. bus vannin had a fantastic 2019 with a 3% increase year-on-year. This is a terrific performance when you compare the story to the UK, where the Local Government Association continues to report a drop in passenger numbers - while bus-use is down 6.9% in five years in the UK, the Isle of Man has seen a rise of 10.7% during the same period.’

New timetables will be available to view on with printed booklets available from the Welcome Centre at the Sea Terminal in Douglas, Ramsey Bus Station, Port Erin Bus Station, Isle of Man Airport and other outlets or by calling +44 1624 662525.

Bookings for connectVILLAGES can be made online at or by calling +44 1624 697440. Standard fares apply for the service, which runs Monday-Saturday, 9am to 7pm.

For further information, contact bus vannin on +44 1624 662525 or email

Timetable alterations in more detail

Douglas - South - Douglas: Routes 1/2/2a/10/11/12 12a

  • These services will operate at least every 15 minutes during the day and every 20 minutes in the evening and on Sundays. 
  • Times have been adjusted slightly on the very early morning and late evening departures from the south.
  • The 17:20 departure from Lord Street will no longer operate via Prospect Hill and Circular Road but will follow the normal route of a 1A service.
  • The infrequent route 10 service which previously served the Hospital, the Business Park and Douglas will no longer operate as a route 10 but will operate as a 1H service (please see also route 4C changes below).
  • Route 11 and 12 services will now operate during the day in addition to operating in the evenings and on Sundays.

Hospital – Ballabrooie - Tromode Park Estate – Willaston – Douglas: Routes 26/27

  • Route 26 and 27 services serving Ballabrooie and Tromode Park Estate will no longer run. A new route 14B will cover Westmoreland Road Health Centre; routes 11 and 12 will cover Willaston.  (please see also route 4C changes below)

Douglas – Onchan – Laxey – Ramsey: Routes 3/3a

  • The first departure from Douglas to Ramsey will be 5 minutes earlier
  • Route 3 departures are now timed at 10 and 40 minutes past the hour from both Douglas and Ramsey, meaning they will be operating 5 minutes earlier throughout the day.
  • Subject to regulatory approval, after the TT services finish in June, additional X3 services will provide commuters with the options of an 08:15 departure from Ramsey and an additional Douglas departure at 16:36.

Douglas – Business Park – Foxdale – Airport – Castletown: Route 4c

  • Route 4C will be renumbered to route 14B and will now include Westmoreland Road Health Centre, Alexander Drive and Ballaughton Manor Hill to serve areas that have until now been served by routes 10, 26 and 27.

Douglas- Crosby – Peel – Kirk Michael – Ramsey: Routes 5/6

  • Routes 5 & 6 will operate as before although the first morning departure from Ramsey will leave 2 minutes earlier than it does now.

Douglas – Onchan– Groudle – Old Laxey: Route 13

  • These services continue as before although the first morning departure from Douglas will leave 5 minutes earlier than it does now.

Laxey Valley:  Route 15

  • The seasonal services on route 15 will no longer operate.

Ramsey- Jurby- Andreas – Bride – Ramsey: Routes 17/18/19/19c/20

  • With the exception of Sundays and public holidays, services on routes 17,18,19 & 20 will only operate on school days.  connectVILLAGES services will continue to serve customers from Monday to Saturday on a demand responsive basis.  The third timetabled flexi return service connecting Jurby and Ramsey has been moved into the afternoon, departing Ramsey at 14:00 as the 12:00 departure was not being used.  In school holidays, a 16:00 service from Ramsey to Jurby return will also operate, departing the Bretney at 16:25 and the Threshold at 16:30.
  • There will be improvements to the connectVillages service, with services being extended to give people living in Sulby a link to Jurby via St Judes and operating hours being extended in school holidays.

Douglas – Anagh Coar – Farmhill– Anagh Coar – Douglas: Route 21

  • Services on route 21 now all departs at 05 or 35 minutes past hour.

Willaston:  Routes 26 & 27

  • Route 26 and 27 services serving Willaston will no longer run. Willaston is now served Mondays to Saturdays daytime by routes 11 and 12 instead of routes 26 and 27, as well as by the existing services on routes 22 and 25.

Port Erin- Port St Mary- Bradda & South: Route 28

  • The 09:16 service to Bradda Head has been withdrawn.

Promenade Shuttle

  • The promenade shuttle bus will cease operation from the 28th February; our normal scheduled buses serve the promenade up to every 15 minutes.

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