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Teachers' pay statement by Dr Alex Allinson MHK

Monday, 14 December 2020

When I was appointed Minister in March this year I committed to help resolve the ongoing industrial dispute between the Department and the teachers of our Island.

Over the last few years a culture had developed within education of mistrust and teachers not feeling valued or respected.

Our education service is a vital part of our community and shapes our society. It provides teaching and learning opportunities for our young people and helps instil the values, hopes and aspirations we have for all our futures.

I welcome the agreement by the majority of the teacher unions of a deal which recognises issues around pay and remuneration and sets out a new process of collaborative engagement with the profession on a range of issues important to them, ourselves and our students.

I would like to thank members of ASCL, NEU and NAHT for their trust and reassure them of our commitment to work with them and their representatives.

By resetting the culture, putting people and relationships at the heart of what we do, I believe we can move forward together to face all the challenges ahead and ensure we have a resilient and pupil-focused education service for the future.

I would like to thank the Office of Human Resources, the Manx Industrial Relations Service and the Treasury for their help and advice throughout this process.

I regret that the NASUWT has been unable to agree with the offer presented and understand they wish to ballot for strike action in January.

I hope that by demonstrating a commitment to listen, respect and connect with all teachers on our island we can overcome outstanding problems, face the uncertainty bought to our island by COVID-19 and look forward to develop an education service we can all be rightly proud of. 

Pay Offer – Teachers (November 2020)

Following recent pay talks between the Department and the Joint Trade Unions (ASCL, NAHT, NASUWT and NEU), the Department’s offer is an unconsolidated lump sum payment equal to £1.5 million to recognise the current dispute. The arrangements for these unconsolidated lump sum payments are detailed below. These involve additional funding which have been secured from Treasury.

Main Pay Range

£850 gross*

Upper Pay Range

£1850 gross*

Leadership Pay Range

£2850 gross*


£850 gross*

*subject to Tax and NI according to personal circumstances

This pay offer is in recognition of the 18/19 pay award and whilst the Department appreciate that this pay offer doesn’t resolve concerns regarding pay erosion it does aim to enable the resolution of all current disputes and to reset and reshape engagement for future joint working to address this issue. The Department is committed to engaging with all teachers and trade unions on ensuring proper support and recognition of the teaching profession on the Isle of Man.

The Department’s position on this offer takes into consideration a number of factors:

The Department acknowledge the Joint Trade Unions (JTU) request for a multi-year pay deal in addition to the annual award provided for in the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document (England) (STPCD) and the Department are keen to work with the JTU to consider longer pay arrangements for the Department’s teachers.

The Department has agreed to re-open teachers’ pay talks once the longer term financial situation following the pandemic is understood and specifically to re-open talks in any year where RPI (June figure) on the Isle of Man exceeds 0.5% of the average pay increased by STPCD (England) on the 1st September term each year.

In addition, the Department will:

Establish a Partnership Forum to enable a range of education policy matters to be discussed, including but not limited to those identified in the Beamans independent review, including inspection arrangements, SSRE framework and process and governance and governing body structures.

Discontinue the current appraisal and performance management arrangements whilst a review is undertaken and arrangements agreed to ensure teachers’ appraisals are focussed on support, training and development of teachers.

Work with each trade union in relation to those areas of concern within the Education Bill.

Postpone all external validations and SSRE for the current academic year i.e. until 31/8/21

Meet later this month to progress and finalise the Trade Union Recognition Agreement (TURA)

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