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Stoptober will help you split up with smoking

Thursday, 19 September 2019

Smokers who want to be free from the habit are encouraged to take the plunge this October and start the journey to a healthier life with support every inch of the way. 

Public Health’s Stoptober campaign is back, with the 28-day Smoke Free Challenge offering an incentive for those who want to quit and the spur of taking part alongside others on the same journey.

This year’s theme is Smoke Free Families, a change of direction from previous campaigns which have been aimed at specific groups in the community. It’s designed to inspire anyone of any age and at any stage, to sign up to the Quit4You service for one month and take part in this year’s Stoptober challenge – with the aim of giving up for good.

Lauren McLachlan runs the Island’s Quit4You smoking cessation programme and is spearheading Stoptober 2019. Lauren said:

‘We’re offering a full range of free support to help people quit so I’d urge anyone in the Island who’s thinking about stopping smoking to give Stoptober a go and see how they get on. There’s literally nothing to lose and so much to gain!'

‘The team at Quit4You are friendly, approachable and professional – we know how to quit successfully and we understand the barriers people face when they try to give up. We look forward to hearing from anyone ready to give Stoptober a try. We can offer practical advice and support and have worked with hundreds of long-term smokers and watched them quit for good.’

Lauren added:

‘It’s been established that people who stop for 28 days are five times more likely to quit altogether – so getting through that first month is key to success.’

The first step is to sign-up to the 28 day challenge with a quick phone call or email to the Quit4You team who will take brief details. A member of the team will arrange a one-to-one meeting at a time and place to suit the individual and create a tailored plan to help them stop smoking for 28 days during October. This includes advice on preparing to stop smoking, and individual and group sessions.

Previous Quit4You clients who have successfully given up smoking are encouraging others to give it a try. Alan from Ramsey joined a weekly group session at a local pub during Stoptober and recalls:

‘It was almost like therapy. Having someone to talk to who’s in the same position as you is very helpful. It’s really good to pass on tips and advice and share experiences.’

Kathryn is now smoke-free after taking the Stoptober challenge two years ago:

‘Within months I couldn’t believe how much healthier I felt. I came alive! I wasn’t coughing in the mornings, I could taste food again, I was saving money, and I didn’t stink of fags anymore!   I am a real life example of someone who's used the Quit4You service and ... quit! It is possible, you can do it and honestly, it's not as hard as you'd think.’

Quit4You advisers will be out and about across the Island this September to help people sign up to this year’s Stoptober challenge. Look out for them in their orange Quit4You T-shirts.

The number to call to sign up for the Stoptober challenge is +44 1624 642404 more details can be found here Stoptober.

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