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Consultation launched on Equality Act 2017 Code of Practice on Employment

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

The Isle of Man Government has launched a public consultation on the statutory Equality Act 2017 Code of Practice on Employment to gather feedback, which will be considered before the Code is submitted to Tynwald for approval.

The main purpose of the Code is to provide a detailed explanation of the Act, with practical examples of how the Act applies in employment situations. The advice contained in the Code is intended to be best practice for employers, and failure to follow it could be referred to in legal proceedings.

In particular, feedback is welcomed from advocates, advisers, trade union representatives, human resources personnel and others who need to apply the law and understand its technical detail.

The consultation is available on the Government Consultation Hub at and will be live until 7 October 2019. The Code will then be subject to approval by Tynwald and it is planned to be in effect before the year end.  This will be the first in a series of codes and guidance scheduled, to support the interpretation and application of the Equality Act, one of the largest pieces of social legislation for the Isle of Man.

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