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Conference places cyber security firmly on national agenda

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Cyber security is now firmly on the national agenda, following the Isle of Man Government’s recent CYBERISLE conference.

Dr Alex Allinson MHK, Member of the Cabinet Office with responsibility for cyber security, made the comment when reflecting on the success of the inaugural event:

'There is clearly a significant appetite for information and support on the Island when it comes to cyber security. Around 600 people came to CYBERISLE – from the private, third and public sectors and from the wider community.

'It was a tremendous turnout and the feedback we have received has been very positive. My thanks and congratulations to everyone involved.

'Cyber security is very much in the public consciousness and, as a result of CYBERISLE, I believe this important topic is now firmly on the national agenda for the Isle of Man. 

'The conference provided real life examples of the threats people and organisations face each and every day, and, more importantly, it provided knowledge and tools in how these threats can be mitigated or dealt with should they occur.

The conference forms part of the Isle of Man Government’s work to deliver the National Cyber Security Strategy for 2018 – 2022. The aim is to ensure that the Isle of Man is secure and resilient to cyber threats whilst remaining progressive and prosperous.

The strategy led to the creation of the Office of Cyber Security and Information Assurance which is tasked with delivering the strategy.

Manx Telecom was the premier sponsor of CYBERISLE 2019. It’s Chief Commercial Officer, Ed Jennings, said the company was delighted to be the premier sponsor and praised the organisation and promotion of the flagship initiative. 

Mr Jennings said:

'The level of interest in CYBERISLE was no surprise given the timeliness and relevance of the topic. The average number of attempted cyber security attacks that Manx Telecom actively stops each month is evidence of how the threat of cybercrime on the Island is a very real and continuous threat and something that all people at work, at home and at play need to think about. Although Manx Telecom does not market itself as a security company, all consumers and businesses on the Island already benefit in significant ways from the investments in security that Manx Telecom have made, and continue to make. 

'Good security is not just a product or a box that you stick on the edge of your network but an outcome of how you invest in and trust your people, your skills, your processes and your technology, right across the business. Every capability that we sell in our security portfolio, apart from being top drawer product from best of breed vendors, is a capability that Manx Telecom itself already uses and is intimately familiar with.

'Manx Telecom is fully committed to continuing to support the Isle of Man Government with its cyber security initiatives.'

The conference saw a number of presentations from industry leading figures on various aspects of cyber security, including: the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre; Safer Schools; and the Isle of Man Constabulary, which recently published its Cyber Crime Strategy.

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