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Joint government approach to address climate change presented to Tynwald Members

Thursday, 7 March 2019

Today (7 March 2019) Tynwald Members received a joint briefing in advance of the March 2019 Tynwald sitting from DEFA Minister Geoffrey Boot MHK (Climate Change), DOI Minister Ray Harmer MHK (Surface Transport) and Chairman of Manx Utilities, Dr Alex Allinson MHK (Home Generation Feed-in Tariffs, Electric Transportation and Electric Heating).

The DEFA Minister presented a 'New Strategy for Climate Change Mitigation 2020-2030' outlining a roadmap towards delivering the previously agreed Tynwald target of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050, compared to 1990 levels.

Geoffrey Boot MHK, Minister for DEFA, said:

'We will launch our consultation later this month to agree a new strategy to enable the government to take further steps towards delivering Tynwald's greenhouse gas emission targets by 2050. The United Nations has stated that climate change is the defining issue of our time and that urgent action must be taken now. As we've seen today, the Isle of Man Government acknowledges this and is committed to taking a joined up approach towards tackling climate change.'

The DOI Minister presented a policy document outlining a move towards Low Emission Travel for Surface Transport and how the take up of Electric Vehicles will be encouraged. Approval of this document will be sought at the March sitting of Tynwald.

Ray Harmer MHK, Minister for DOI, said:

'As a globally responsible nation, we require far reaching future actions. We will need to reduce emissions in transport by increasing the number of electric vehicles. The department has already started trialling opportunities in this area and we are confident that by working across Government and with others we will be better equipped to deliver the climate change action plan.'

In October 2018 following the approval of Manx Utilities' pricing strategy by Tynwald, Manx Utilities was asked by Members to return to Tynwald to report on progress on electric transportation, home generation and electric heating.

Chairman, Dr Alex Allinson MHK said:

'The Manx Utilities' Board fully supports the Department of the Environment, Food and Agriculture's policy for climate change and is pleased to present to Tynwald our proposals to progress electric transportation infrastructure, home generation support, electric heating options and smart metering technology. Manx Utilities needs to respond to a changing world and as a result change its business model with the need to grow electricity demand, reduce customer fuel costs and reduce carbon emissions. We also need to complete the regional sewage treatment strategy which will end the practice of raw sewage being continuously discharged into the sea and support our very special marine and coastal environments.'

The New Strategy for Climate Change Mitigation 2020-2030 will go to Tynwald on Tuesday 19 March.

Later this month the government will be asking for public input into a consultation on options for the climate change mitigation strategy 2020-2030.

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