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Data breach in Homecare Service

Tuesday, 23 July 2019

The Government can confirm that there has been a data breach in in the Homecare Service of Adult Social Care, a service which supports individuals to live independently in the community.

The details of names, addresses and phone numbers of 33 service users have been mislaid, along with the ‘keysafe’ codes of seven of those service users. In addition, the phone numbers of 43 next of kin and 11 carers have also been mislaid.

Once the data breach was discovered all the keysafes were recoded immediately.

No medical or financial details were included in the mislaid data.

The Information Commissioner has been informed, and all those affected by the loss are being contacted individually. An internal investigation has also been set up to investigate the cause of the data breach and to assess and minimise any ongoing impact.

We apologise to all those affected by this breach and can assure them that we are doing all we can to understand how it has happened.

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