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Community plastics plan to take action on single use plastics

Tuesday, 23 July 2019

The Isle of Man Government is to introduce new measures to reduce single use plastic across the Island.

The Single Use Plastic Reduction Plan for the Isle of Man Community was laid before July Tynwald and outlines the Isle of Man Government’s plan to support this.

Through the plan, the Isle of Man Government aims to:

  • Ban selected single use products made of plastic in the Isle of Man
  • Protect our environment by significantly reducing the amount of plastic entering our sea
  • Reduce plastic usage to support the Island’s carbon emission target
  • Work with all areas of the community and economy to identify ways to remove all avoidable single use plastic packaging, throughout our lives

Chief Minister Howard Quayle MHK, said:

‘The Isle of Man Government is committed to significantly reducing our single use plastic consumption, supporting our efforts to be a sustainable Island and helping us to achieve our net zero carbon emission target. To do this, we must all take it upon ourselves to make changes in our daily lives, or our plastic consumption will continue to significantly increase in the years to come.

‘This plan alone could result in the Isle of Man saving 630 tonnes of plastic each year, an estimated 3,780 tonnes of CO2 Emissions, which is the equivalent of burning 8,736 barrels of oil. This demonstrates the level of impact we can make as a community if we all work together.’

Geoffrey Boot MHK, Minister for Environment, Food and Agriculture, said:

‘Taking immediate action is hugely important to ensure that we make a significant impact in this area. We’ve all seen the unforgettable and unimaginable images of animals whose lives have been damaged or in some cases lost because of avoidable single use plastics. This plan will help us to protect and cherish our environment, whilst making a substantial contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.

‘A great level of research is behind this report and I hope that through this plan we will be able to move forward to ultimately eliminate all avoidable single use plastics.’

The plan will require legislative changes, such as a ban on the sale and distribution of selected single use plastic items and the manufacture, sale and distribution of rinse-off personal care products containing micro beads.

A number of immediate actions are included in the plan, including education on best practices, reinvigorating the Fishing for Litter Scheme, and working with bodies outside of the Isle of Man to reduce plastic usage and pollution.

The plan also outlines plans for the Government to engage with Local Authorities to work together on improving recycling streams, which will include determining appropriate waste management solutions for plastic, through a greenhouse gas emissions assessment.

In July 2018, phase one of the Single Use Plastic Reduction Plan for the Isle of Man was launched, focusing on Government’s activity around single use plastic usage.

The second phase, the Single Use Plastic Reduction Plan for the Isle of Man Community.

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