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Retirement of Deemster Montgomerie

Monday, 15 July 2019

Government House announce that The Deemster, His Honour Alastair Montgomerie, will retire at the end of 2019 at the age of 66, after a distinguished career in the legal profession. 

Deemster Montgomerie has performed high-profile roles in the Isle of Man for 28 years, including over 16 years as a judge. 

Deemster Montgomerie initially worked for the Crown Prosecution Service in Cumbria. He joined the Attorney General’s Chambers in the Isle of Man in 1991, as a Legal Officer with responsibility for serious fraud prosecutions. 

A promotion to Chief Prosecutor saw Deemster Montgomerie prosecute criminal cases before the Court of General Gaol Delivery, including murder and drug trafficking. 

He was appointed as the Island’s Deputy High Bailiff in 2003, a demanding and varied position where he presided over summary criminal cases, inquests, licensing courts and criminal injuries compensation tribunals.  

He also dealt with civil cases having been appointed as Small Claims Arbitrator in 2003 and with criminal cases in the Court of General Gaol delivery having been appointed a part time Panel Deemster in 2004. 

A further promotion to Deemster followed in 2011, presiding mostly over the Court of General Gaol Delivery, a senior role he will continue to perform until his retirement. 

Deemster Montgomerie said:

'It has been a great honour and privilege to serve the Isle of Man for the best part of the last 30 years. I have enjoyed the many challenges of working as a member of the judiciary, but feel that now is the right time to retire.' 

On behalf of the Island, the Lieutenant Governor, Sir Richard Gozney, expressed

'warm and sincere thanks to Deemster Montgomerie for over 16 years of the strongest service in the judiciary. Deemster Montgomerie has brought great experience to the Courts, to the benefit of the community as a whole and he will retire with the good wishes of all those in the Island who value the rule of law'. 

The recruitment process to appoint a successor is planned for later this year. 

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