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Launch of biosphere badge for Girlguiding Isle of Man

Thursday, 31 January 2019

Girlguiding members will demonstrate their commitment to a bright future for the Isle of Man by working towards a new badge celebrating UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man. 

The badge encourages Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Rangers and leaders to contribute to Biosphere Isle of Man and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals – known as the Global Goals

The 17 Goals were launched by the UN in 2015 and responsible nations are encouraged to adopt them. They cover areas such as hunger, poverty, education, quality, energy-saving, well-being, life at sea and on land, innovation and forming partnerships. 

UNESCO is part of the United Nations. The Island is a UNESCO Biosphere and ensuring sustainability is at the heart of the programme. 

The badge was created at the suggestion of the Girlguiding Isle of Man. 

To gain the badge – which features the UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man logo – Girlguiding’s members, across 65 groups, will carry out challenges appropriate to their age. 

They might, for example, collect donations for the Island’s Food Bank, plant trees, clean beaches and footpaths, recycle, reduce plastics use, come up with a great idea that will benefit the Isle of Man, join up with others to make it happen or educate others about improving the Island's biosphere. 

Minister for Environment, Food and Agriculture, Geoffrey Boot MHK, said:

‘Our biosphere connects people with nature and with their communities and is a platform for us all to work together towards a bright future. 

‘The younger generation will play a vital role in shaping our Island and it is wonderful that Girlguiding Isle of Man members, who are aged from five, will be rewarded for contributing towards a better biosphere.’ 

Karen Walker, Commissioner of Girlguiding Isle of Man, said:

‘The badge will encourage young members and leaders in our organisation to think about the world around them – to understand the meaning of ‘community’, get involved and make things better. 

‘If we can instil these thoughts and actions in our young people, it will make our Island and beyond a better place.’ 

For more information about UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man, visit

For information about Guiding in the Isle of Man, visit

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