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Review published into Island’s vacant properties

Thursday, 29 August 2019

A review into vacant properties in the Isle of Man has been published on the Government website by the Cabinet Office’s Economic Affairs division.

The review explores figures compiled during the 2016 Census when it was found that 6,470 properties were found to be vacant on Census Night, April 24-25. It also looks at the factors which are taken into consideration when establishing that a vacant property may be available for sale or rent.

The first part of the review breaks down the 6,470 figure into various property types – for example, house, bungalow or flat – and provides more details about the location of properties vacant on Census Night.

This is followed by a section which looks at how anonymised electricity consumption data was supplied by Manx Utilities over two separate periods to provide additional information on whether those properties continue to be vacant.

Policy and Reform Minister Chris Thomas MHK said:

‘Monitoring the number of vacant properties continues to be a challenge outside of the Census, but this report seeks to provide some additional clarity on the situation as it existed on the Island in 2016 and exists now.'

‘I commend this review and thank staff in Economic Affairs, Cabinet Office for preparing it with the kind assistance of colleagues at Manx Utilities.’

The review can be viewed and downloaded by visiting the Economic Affairs division’s page of the Isle of Man Government website,

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