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European Union (South Sudan Sanctions) (Amendment) Order 2018 and South Sudan (Amendment) Regulations 2018

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

This news release is issued in respect of the restrictive measures directed against South Sudan.

The European Union (South Sudan Sanctions) (Amendment) Order 2018 and South Sudan Sanctions (Amendment) Regulations 2018 came into operation on 11 September 2018.

The Order applies the provisions of Council Regulation (EU) 2018/116, as amended, as part of Island law. This EU regulation amends Council (EU) 2015/735 concerning restrictive measures in respect of the situation in South Sudan which was applied to the Island with certain modifications by SD 2015/0199.

Council Regulation (EU) 2018/116, gives effect to the measures imposed by UN Security Resolution 2428 (2018). The UN Security Council decided that until 31 May 2019, all Member States will prevent the supply, sale or transfer to South Sudan from or through their territories of arms and related material, and withhold training, technical and financial assistance related to military activities or materials.  In addition, it lays out several exemptions to the country’s arms embargo including for material and activities related to humanitarian activities and measures to be taken in relation to the inspection of shipments and cargo bound for South Sudan.

The South Sudan Sanctions (Amendment) Regulations 2018 make corresponding changes to the South Sudan Sanctions Regulations 2015 which established offences and penalties for breaches of Council Regulation (EU) No 2015/735.

Further details of the sanctions regime for South Sudan can be found in Sanctions Notice 14

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