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Police to begin process of modernisation

Thursday, 8 November 2018

The Isle of Man Constabulary will begin a programme of modernisation during the year ahead, under the leadership of Chief Constable Gary Roberts.

Police to begin process of modernisation

The commitment is contained within the Chief Constable’s Annual Report, which will be laid before Tynwald later this month.

According to the report, adapting to changes in the Constabulary’s financial situation over recent years has led to a ‘20th century approach to 21st century problems’.

‘In the year ahead, we will start on a highly significant modernisation of what we do,’

Mr Roberts explains.

‘We will attempt to produce a policing blueprint that is fit for the 21st century and which will combine placing trusted and visible officers into local communities, with different ways of tackling community problems.’

He adds:

‘Joined up local services targeting those most at risk is the best - and perhaps only - way we can maintain our quality of life. This is the future of neighbourhood policing.’

The report, which is a statutory obligation contained under the Policing Act 1993, offers a full and frank appraisal of policing in the Island today highlighting the issues and demands being placed on officers and staff over the past 12 months.

Cannabis is described as being ‘ubiquitous’ by Mr Roberts, equating to 10% of all recorded crime in the Island over the past year. 'Its status is a matter for politicians,’ he writes.

‘But I am encouraged by the beginning of a debate about its uses, abuses and law.’

Issues around cybercrime and the use of technology to commit crime are ‘complex and fast-changing’, requiring specialist skills. Combatting financial crime, meanwhile, is a challenge which is being addressed by working closely with Treasury to support an ‘imbalance that has long existed between growing financial crime and available resources’.

Dr Alex Allinson, Member of the Department of Home Affairs, said:

‘I thank the Chief Constable for his annual report and look forward to discussing many of the issues it raises, including how best the Department can provide support.

‘I acknowledge the transformational work being undertaken in the area of digital policing and how technological developments can lead to significant challenges.

‘Looking ahead, full support will be given to the constabulary as it continues to work towards meeting issues faced by modern day police forces.’

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