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Pack with care and be prepared for airport security

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Passengers travelling through Isle of Man Airport are being urged to check the guidance on hand luggage and help keep security screening queues to a minimum both on and off-Island.

The following advice has been issued ahead of the bank holiday weekend, TT fortnight and busy summer season in support of guidance issued by the UK Department for Transport.

Carefully packing bags at home and carrying only essential items in hand luggage can help reduce the need for lengthy manual checks at security.

Passengers are reminded that when flying from IoM and UK airports:

  • Liquids, gels and pastes should be packed into hold baggage where possible. If carried in hand luggage, they should be in containers that hold 100ml or less, and packed into a sealed, clear plastic bag (maximum 1 litre capacity) which must be placed in the tray at security
  • Food or powders should be packed into hold baggage where possible. Although these items are permitted in hand luggage, they can obstruct images on the X-Ray machine, or may be mistaken for suspicious items – so putting them in the hold will help reduce the need for additional checks. Passengers who need to take these items on board should therefore allow extra time at security
  • Sharp items and tools cannot be carried in hand luggage at all.
  • Large electrical items such as laptops or tablets can be taken into the cabin, but must be removed from hand luggage at the search area and placed in the tray

Items that cannot be identified by the screening officers may be subject to further checks and in some cases may be rejected for travel. The full guidance, including a useful video guide is available.

Tim Baker, Member with responsibility for Ports, said:

‘This guidance not only helps ease queues at security, it can ensure your journey is a lot more straightforward and enjoyable.

‘We are all aware why the checks must take place, but sometimes it’s good to refresh people’s memories on exactly what is required of them when they arrive at an airport.

‘Please take the time to consider whether you’re correctly prepared and able to play your part in making the process as smooth as possible.’

A scheme aimed at improving the flow of passengers at Isle of Man Airport by creating an enlarged central search area is now well under way. The new entrance will be made operational after TT fortnight and new tray return equipment is scheduled to be ready for use by passengers towards the end of July. A second security line will open permanently from late-July, once the recruitment and training of staff is complete.

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