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Leaflet signals right direction for Patient Transfer

Monday, 5 March 2018

A new information leaflet is set to smooth the way for island patients travelling to the UK for hospital appointments. 

The leaflet explains how journeys are organised by the Patient Transfer office at Noble’s Hospital, after a patient is referred to a UK specialist, usually in the north-west of England. It outlines each step of the journey, from airport check-in and transfers to the special assistance available for patients during their journey, support for relatives or friends travelling with them, and overnight stays. 

The colour leaflet has been funded by the Manx Breast Cancer Support Group, whose Chairman Julie Stokes said:

‘We’re really pleased to provide these leaflets for all patients using the Patient Transfer service. The leaflet contains lots of useful information and phone numbers to help them cope with what can be a tiring and stressful day. 

She added:

’Getting through airport security is a worry for many patients, particularly those who travel with Stoma bags or are wearing wigs and headscarves - understandably, these people are concerned about searches. We wanted to produce a leaflet which would help them get through with the minimum of fuss and embarrassment.’ 

The leaflet features photographs of the Quiet Rooms available to travelling patients at Isle of Man and Liverpool airports, as comfortable, private places to rest while waiting for flights. The rooms were created in a partnership between the charity, airport authorities and the Department of Infrastructure. 

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