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Over 300 responses to DHSC consultations

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

A summary of responses to two Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) public consultations has been published today.

The DHSC asked for views on a charter for the National Health and Care Service which will set out both the government’s commitments and the public’s rights and responsibilities. Feedback was also sought on a general scheme which will cover three areas: a commitment to the provision of a range of health services; services commissioned by the department (e.g. general practitioners); and, charges and contributions. In the area of charges and contributions, the department proposed changes to the systems for prescription charges, sight tests and dental treatment - with the aim being harmonisation, fairness and consistency.

More than 300 responses were received by the DHSC from individuals and organisations, and a wide range of opinions were expressed.

The summary document groups the feedback into themes and, where appropriate, includes an initial response from the DHSC. It does not set out any final policy proposals, as these are being reviewed before the charter and general scheme are taken to Tynwald. The charter will be presented (‘laid before’) to Tynwald, and the general scheme needs the formal approval of Tynwald. 

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