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Disappointment with Scottish Government’s stance on fishery protection measures

Friday, 12 January 2018

The Isle of Man Government is disappointed with the Scottish Government’s statement that it could invoke the dispute resolution process in response to new enforcement initiatives to protect the Island’s king scallop fishery.

The measures, due to take effect on Monday 15 January 2018 – which cover both British and Manx vessels – are urgently required to preserve declining stocks. Manx officials have strong indications from catch records that some boats are taking more fish from Isle of Man waters than they are entitled to.

Further, the Isle of Man Government is disappointed that the Scottish Government has not taken into account recent negotiations which have resulted in a change to the original proposals. An amendment allows vessels whose catch has only been taken from Manx waters to return to their home port, avoiding the need to visit Manx ports daily.

The Isle of Man Government does not believe it has breached the terms of the Fisheries Management Agreement (FMA) and has taken these steps to prevent illegal scallop fishing. It will though continue to engage in dialogue with FMA partners to further assess the impact and continue to try and identify an alternative, effective solution.

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