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Publication List 28.12.2018

Monday, 24 December 2018

In accordance with the Orders and Regulations listed below, the most recent planning applications received and validated for publication are now available for viewing online including a link on which the site extents can be viewed via an online map.

A PDF version is available if you wish to print off the list.

You may also, if a planning application has not yet been determined, use this service to submit an objection or comment in support of the application.

Comments or objections relative to this list must be submitted by 18th January 2019.

A laminated Site Notice has been sent to each applicant for displaying at the site.

Copies of the applications are also available for viewing at the Office of Planning and Building Control or via the appropriate Local Authority.

Any persons wishing to make written representation or submission must direct them to:

Secretary to the Planning Committee
Planning and Building Control Directorate
Department of the Environment Food and Agriculture
Murray House
Mount Havelock
Isle of Man

Telephone:+44 1624 685950 

Please be aware that all written representations OR SUBMISSIONS will be available for PUBLIC scrutiny and will form part of any proceedings arising in connection with the application. 

Whilst criteria for the submission of comment may differ under each instrument of legislation, to give weight to any representation or submission, and to enable assessment of parties for interested person status (as defined in the 2013 Order) persons are encouraged to clearly indicate the relationship between their land or buildings and the land that is the subject of the application. Sufficient interest in the subject matter of the application must be demonstrated if the person making representation should wish to be considered to take part in any subsequent proceedings. 

Please also be aware that any anonymous representations or submissions will not be considered as part of any planning determination. 

Orders and Regulations

  • Town and Country Planning (Development Procedure) (No2) Order 2013
  • Town and Country Planning (Registered Buildings) Regulations 2013
  • Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) Regulations 2013
  • Town and Country Planning (Permitted Development) (Telecommunications) Order 2013
  • The Town and Country Planning (Certificates of Lawful Use or Development) Regulations 2005 

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If you would like to subscribe to our mailing list to receive a weekly email advising when planning lists are published, please forward your email details to 

Please be aware, in seeking to provide early notification and to allow you time to possibly work around any contact you may wish to direct to the Planning and Building Directorate, the Directorate is planning an ‘insight day’ for its staff Friday 11 January 2019. Accordingly none of its staff will be available that day and the counter service at Murray House will be closed. 

It is intended that any phones calls which may be received will be taken by DEFA colleagues in Thie Slieu Whallian, who will only record and pass on phone messages for the DEFA P&BC Staff to return calls on the Monday. 

Thanking you in anticipation of your understanding in this unusual occurrence.

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