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Advance for oncology service as Markie excels

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Markie Chestnut presented with certificate by DHSC Minister David Ashford, with Graham Lloyd Brandrick

Patients who receive chemotherapy treatment at Noble’s are to benefit from an advance in nursing capability, as Island-based oncology services continue to expand. 

Markie Chestnut has become the first oncology nurse at the hospital to complete training in a procedure which offers painless delivery of chemo drugs. Markie has acquired the complex skills needed to insert a patient’s PICC line – a semi-permanent intravenous line used to deliver chemotherapy treatments, which can last many months. The procedure uses ultra sound technology to guide the siting of the line and the whole process is carried out under X-ray control. 

Markie’s training marks the latest step in the development of a nurse-led acute oncology service at Noble’s and means all patients can continue to have their lines inserted locally, avoiding repeated ‘needles’ for their chemotherapy and ensuring their treatment is comfortable and safe. 

Markie was presented with a framed certificate marking her success by Minister for Health and Social Care David Ashford, in an impromptu ceremony on the oncology ward. Minister Ashford said:

‘I congratulate Markie on her massive personal achievement and one which represents a huge step forward for the nursing team as a whole. 

He added:

‘The number of people requiring specialist cancer care has grown rapidly over the last five years, both in the UK and the Isle of Man. The oncology nursing team at Noble’s has worked very hard to increase services locally to reflect this growth and to ensure many patients can receive their chemotherapy close to home. Markie’s skill set is a key development for our new nurse-led service and highly valued by the team, which hopes to further expand its services for patients with cancer in the future.’   

Markie was mentored and trained over several months by advanced nurse practitioner Graham Lloyd Brandrick and consultant radiologist Dr Guy Sissons. The oncology team at Noble’s works alongside the hospital’s acute medical teams and is supported by Clatterbridge Cancer Centre. Graham passed on his specialist skills to Markie before retiring last week after a long career at the hospital.  

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