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Treasury warns of hoax emails and contact

Thursday, 16 November 2017

The Income Tax Division of Treasury has recently been made aware that local residents have received emails purporting to be from the Division in relation to tax refunds and reclaiming overpaid tax.

These hoax emails suggest that a refund is awaiting reclaim and are designed to trick people into revealing financial details which can then be used fraudulently. 

The email scam, which appears to be sent from nationalinsurance.ITD@GOV.IM, does not originate from Treasury Income Tax Division. Treasury has confirmed that at no time would it contact members of the public by email with details of rebates or refunds, nor ask people to disclose personal or payment information by email.

In this particular case, the email attempts to obtain credit card details through a bogus website. The subject of the email may read ‘Tax refunds & reclaiming overpaid tax'.

Other hoax emails may ask for credit card or bank details, personal identification information or anything that could be used to further a crime. They may ask for details to be sent to a fake website or contain a link or attachment that may download a virus to infect the device and collect those details from it.

The advice from Treasury is:

  • Read the message carefully and do not click on any links unless you are satisfied it is legitimate. If you have any doubts contact the ‘originator’ by a trusted method – not those listed in the message
  • If you have any doubts whatsoever, delete the message without taking any action and do not click on any links or documents within it.  Alternatively, seek professional advice
  • Lastly, if it appears too good to be true it probably is

Any Treasury Income Tax Division suspect emails can be reported on 685400 (option 6), or forwarded to and then deleted.

Further information on online security can be found at /about-the-government/departments/cabinet-office/government-technology-services-gts/get-safe-online/

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