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The Isle of Man Government statement in response to media coverage of the international cyber-attacks

Saturday, 13 May 2017

At this time, the Isle of Man Government’s computer systems, including the Island’s health care systems, have not been affected by the cyber-attacks against many countries and organisations over the past few days.

Government Technology Services (GTS) continues to monitor the situation as it develops.

As a result of the ongoing investment into security defences as part of the digital strategy, the government’s computer systems and software were successfully protected from this attack.  GTS has a strict policy of maintaining up to date systems and software, including the installation last March of the necessary patches which prevented the last incident from spreading.

We would like to offer the following advice to help the general public protect itself from similar cyber-attacks. Always:

  • Exercise caution when opening attachments or clicking on links in emails
  • Back up important data on an external source not connected to the internet
  • Keep your operating system, applications and in particular your anti-virus software up to date

Although the Isle of Man Government is currently unaffected by this global incident, GTS will continue to proactively monitor for threats, collaborate with partner organisations and invest in specialist staff and systems.

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