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Chief Minister welcomes clarity on UK aspirations for Brexit

Friday, 20 January 2017

Chief Minister Howard Quayle MHK has welcomed the clarity provided by United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May on her aspirations for creating a new positive and constructive partnership between the UK and the European Union. 

In a speech this week, the Prime Minister made clear that the UK will be seeking to leave the single market so it can control immigration and to leave the customs union to ensure it has the freedom to agree trade deals around the world. 

In negotiations on the departure process the UK will also be seeking to agree transitional arrangements to allow the UK time to adapt its regulatory and legislative framework, as well as a new free-trade agreement and a customs agreement with the EU. 

Reflecting on Mrs May’s statement, Chief Minister Howard Quayle MHK commented:

‘It has been our position that although we want to continue to be able to trade with the EU, to minimise the potential risks flowing from Brexit, and make the most of any opportunities which arise, we recognise that the shape of the Island’s new relationship with Europe will rest upon what the UK can secure for itself. 

‘Despite the greater clarity, which we welcome, it is still very difficult to know what that relationship will be.  But whatever the new relationship between the UK and the EU, the Isle of Man’s connection with the UK will remain the same.’

Chief Minister also said:

‘We will continue to ensure that our voice is heard by those who have responsibility for guiding the UK towards its new place in the world and to work for the best possible outcome for the Isle of Man.  It is our aspiration that we ensure the Isle of Man can benefit from any trade agreements the UK agrees.

‘We remain in regular dialogue with the UK to ensure that the impact of Brexit for the Island and any possible future scenarios are understood.  Our efforts include giving evidence to the House of Lords Select Committee on the European Union, welcoming the House of Commons Justice Committee to the Isle of Man this week and having regular meetings at political and officer level across a broad range of Departments, including the Department for Exiting the EU, the Cabinet Office, HM Treasury, HMRC, DEFRA, and the Home Office.

‘As the UK position becomes clearer, the Isle of Man Government will continue to discuss this important issue with politicians, businesses, and the people of the Isle of Man. We will welcome their views as we determine where we want to position the Island’

he concluded. 

The Council of Ministers has published three interim reports outlining the potential impact of the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union and identified work needed to prepare and position the Isle of Man.  Along with Frequently Asked Questions, the reports can be found on the Isle of Man Government website at:


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