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Time Flies Again at Ballasalla School

Monday, 9 January 2017

Time flies again at Ballasalla school

The clock on the Ballasalla School Clock Tower has not been working for as long as anyone can remember… until now. Thanks to the apprentices, Adam Calder and Nathan Teare, at Ronaldsway Aircraft Company who have repaired the clock’s mechanism by re-manufacturing a number of the original parts.

To celebrate the fitting of the newly repaired clock the school held an open day on Monday 9th January. Friends of Ballasalla School, members of the local community, pupils, parents and staff, past and present were invited to come along for some light refreshments. Visitors were given the opportunity to tour the school before The Minister for the Department of Education and Children, Mr. Graham Cregeen 'unveiled' the new clock.

Bobba Cowley says,

'I use to look at the clock to decide when to go for the bus to work, but that was back in the 1950s. It is wonderful to see it working again and great to get everyone together today'.

Kiera Corlett, pupil aged 10, says,

'It is really good that the clock is working again because when we are playing outside we can look at the clock and know if it is time to go home.”

Barbara Brereton, Chairman of Malew Commissioners, says,

'Thoroughly enjoyable morning, really nice to see around the classrooms again and to know that the clock is now working.'

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