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Isle of Man Post Office supports health week initiative at St Mary's School in Douglas

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Post Office supports health weekIsle of Man Post Office’s sponsorship committee recently supported St Mary’s Primary School in Douglas with its ‘health week’ initiative by donating 300 bottles of water to pupils taking part. The event was held week commencing 16th January 2017.

The initiative which was piloted at the school for the first time, saw pupils aged between four and 11 years taking part in a range of activities that covered different aspects of health, mental, physical and diet, with the aim of promoting the health of children within these age ranges, as research shows that children achieve the best academic outcomes when their health is at an optimum.

Community School Nurse Cheryl Dodd, said:

'Community Nurse Laura Kewley and I organised the health week for St Mary’s Primary School.  It was a joint initiative between DHSC, the school, Friends of St Mary’s and local businesses with the aim of promoting and delivering healthier lifestyle messages to facilitate positive changes amongst children, their families and teachers.'

'The event was a great success. It addressed the physical and emotional aspects of health, and provided opportunities for the children to engage in a range of activities to widen their knowledge of healthy living. The school was delighted with the support provided by Isle of Man Post Office who donated 300 bottles of water for the week.'

Isle of Man Post Office Sponsorship Committee Chairman Sarah Read, said:

'The Post Office had no hesitation in agreeing to support St Mary’s health week, it’s a fantastic initiative which helps young people understand and appreciate the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle, both mentally and physically, in order to give them the best possible outcomes from a young age.'

Isle of Man Post Office Sponsorship Committee aims to support a variety of local initiatives throughout the year and is always keen to hear from individuals and organisations looking for support which it may be able to help with.

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