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Join the register this Organ Donation Week

Thursday, 31 August 2017

With Organ Donation Week (4-10 September) taking place next week Island residents are being encouraged to consider registering as an organ donor.

Registration is a simple process which only takes a couple of minutes and can be done online.

Charity Organ Donation Isle of Man, which promotes the donation of organs on-Island, is marking the week with information stands in the Thie Bee coffee shop and staff restaurant in Noble’s Hospital and main entrance area at Ramsey and District Cottage Hospital.

In addition, advertising will be displayed on Bus Vannin vehicles during September to help raise awareness.

The charity has published some facts about organ donation in the Isle of Man in a bid to educate the wider public about the demand for donor organs and the positive impact a donation can have:

  • There are currently nine people waiting for a transplant in the Isle of Man
  • Since 2013, six people have died while waiting for a transplant
  • By 7 May 2017, 12,624 Isle of Man residents had signed on to the UK’s organ donor register

Pam Makin, a Senior Nurse at Noble’s Hospital and Chair of the Organ Donation Committee, said:

‘It’s important for residents to remember that signing an Isle of Man driving licence does not currently link through to the UK organ donation register.

‘To join the organ donation register, please visit Organ Donation and complete the online form.

‘The site has comprehensive information about what being a donor means for you and your family, including the importance of sharing your decision and how to withdraw consent, so please take time to consider joining the register and making a difference to the lives of others.’

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