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Ramsey, Castletown, Ballasalla and Peel lead the way with GP online services

Monday, 5 September 2016

Patient access

Over 3,000 people have so far signed up to use Patient Access, the online service that allows individuals to manage their GP appointments, view and order repeat prescriptions, and see a limited portion of their medical record. 

Patient Access is available to all members of the public through their GP practice.  To register for online services, individuals simply need to drop in to their GP surgery in person with photographic identification, such as a passport or driving licence.  They will then be provided with a registration code and login details they can use to sign-up. 

Four of the Island’s group practices have led the way since the launch of the service last summer with 2,130 of the registrations coming from the Ramsey, Castletown, Ballasalla and Peel practices. 

Once registered, individuals can access a number of services either by web browser or through a dedicated app available for Apple and Android devices. 

The online services enable users to do any of the following, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

  • View, book and cancel any routine GP appointments
  • View and order repeat medications – and track whether they have been authorised
  • View immunisations, prescribed medications and allergies
  • Share a record with a clinician or relative for a 24 hour period 

When using the Patient Access app on smart devices equipped with Apple Health or Google Fit, there is also the option to share additional health data collected through compatible mobile and wearable devices.  This means that during a consultation a patient can choose to quickly and easily share with their GP any health and fitness data they have logged – such as weight, heartrate, steps walked, workouts, and blood pressure. 

Annmarie Cubbon, Head of Primary Care Commissioned Services, said:

'The rapid take up of online GP services in the Isle of Man represents an exciting change in people’s relationship with their family doctor.  It gives patients more control and offers them greater convenience and flexibility.  In addition it means less telephone calls for our Island’s busy GP practices, which will help to save time and resources as the number of patients self-serving online grows. 

'Four of the Island’s practices in particular – Ramsey, Castletown, Ballasalla, and Peel – are clearly leading the way in encouraging patients to sign-up.  We would like to see more people register in the weeks and months ahead and are working closely with the group practices to achieve this.' 

By October this year the information from medical records available to patients who are registered for GP online services will expand to include the ability to view problems, medications and test results. 

The launch of GP online services followed the decision in 2014 to upgrade the software system used by GPs.  The investment is part of Government’s Digital Strategy which aims to improve the access to and quality of Government services, ensuring they are simple and convenient and give the public greater control.

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