Council of Ministers report – Framework for a Programme for Government November 2016

Friday, 4 November 2016

A framework for the creation of a Programme for Government is to be presented for debate at the November sitting of Tynwald by Chief Minister Howard Quayle MHK.

The Chief Minister will ask Members to support the ‘guiding principles and high level objectives’ of the Council of Ministers as contained in the framework document.

The framework will form part of the full programme for Government which the Council of Ministers will bring to the January 2017 of Tynwald.  This will then be updated and debated in Tynwald in October each year.

Headed ‘Our Island - a special place to live and work’, the framework identifies three strategic objectives:

  • An inclusive and caring society
  • An Island of enterprise and opportunity
  • Financially responsible government

It also sets out seven guiding principles, linked to a range of draft outcomes. The principles are:

  • Delivering support to people where needed
  • Promoting lifelong learning that meets our social and economic needs
  • Upholding inclusive, tolerant, safe and sustainable communities
  • Making government effective for all
  • Maintaining our strong identity and international reputation
  • Enabling people to live healthier lives
  • Empowering enterprise for innovation and economic growth

In an introduction to the document, Mr Quayle says Ministers have listened to the views of Tynwald Members, their constituents, and the business community.

He explains that the objectives and guiding principles will form the foundations on which the programme is built: ‘Everything else, including legislation, priorities and budgets will be based on the objectives and principles set out in this document, subject to Tynwald approval.’

The Chief Minister admits that bringing a Programme to the January Tynwald is a challenging deadline, but he adds ‘it is important that we demonstrate momentum and leadership.’

Pledging that the Programme will be developed in partnership and consultation with others, he concludes: ‘We want our plan to be inclusive and representative because it is only by working together that we can achieve the best for the Isle of Man.’

The framework document also includes commentary from the Minister for Policy and Reform Chris Thomas MHK, who explains that the initial identification of principles and policy priorities has been through collaborative workshops involving Ministers and other Tynwald Members.

Mr Thomas writes: ‘Government can bring real and lasting change, not just change for change’s sake, but targeted change that will make a real and positive difference in people’s everyday lives.’

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