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Routine maintenance of Douglas Promenade sea wall

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Peveril JettyWork is currently being carried out on behalf of the Department of Infrastructure to maintain a section of the Douglas Promenade sea wall.

The structural integrity of the wall is sound and it has an expected lifespan of at least another 40 years, provided that routine maintenance takes place to address any minor defects.

Two years ago the Department identified a package of repairs to be undertaken in 2016 over a two kilometre length of the sea wall from the Sea Terminal to the Crescent slipway.

As part of its new approach to asset management, the Department has worked with Treasury to secure an additional long-term funding programme for structural maintenance and repairs. This funding started last year and has already resulted in more than £2 million of investment in basic maintenance of the Isle of Man’s road and sea structures.

The Department is strengthening its focus on strategic maintenance as part of its commitment to delivering a high quality infrastructure that supports social and economic success.

Officers regularly inspect, assess and monitor the condition of almost 2,000 structures throughout the Isle of Man including sea walls, retaining walls, road bridges, footbridges, harbour structures and culverts.

The Douglas scheme will reinstate part of the Peveril jetty, which has suffered significant damage over recent years. New steps will be constructed, along with a gated access to the jetty. Other sections of the Promenade sea wall will be enhanced by the reinstatement of concrete that has been washed away and by repairs to steps and broken wave returns.

The estimated cost of the work is £240,000 and the maintenance scheme is scheduled for completion in September. Members of the public are requested to stay clear of the working areas for safety reasons.

Infrastructure Minister Phil Gawne MHK said: ‘Routine maintenance of our infrastructure may not seem particularly exciting, but it is absolutely essential. It’s fair to say that it has been somewhat neglected in recent years.’

He added: ‘Investing in general upkeep now will prolong the lifespan of the Douglas Promenade sea wall, make it safer for the public and avoid the need for more costly repairs in the future.’

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