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Important Safety Notice: Mamas & Papas - Nembus, Aureus and Altair car seats

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Car seat label

‘Mamas & Papas’ has identified a potential safety concern with a number of car seats that were sold through Tesco, Asda, Shop Direct and some independent retailers. They were also sold through the Mamas & Papas website and its factory stores. In the event of an accident, the car seat shell may crack and therefore not provide the intended level of protection to the user.

The seats affected are Mamas & Papas Nembus, Mamas & Papas Aureus, Mamas & Papas Group 123, Mamas & Papas Altair.  All are Group 123 car seats.  The seats can be identified by comparing the orange label on the back with the one shown in the attached picture. The approval code should match and is 04 44596.

How do you know if you have an affected M&P Car Seat?

Car Seat

1. Compare it with the photos (attached).
2. Check it is a Mamas & Papas branded car seat - there will be a tag to the front of the product.
3. Find the approval number on the orange label on the back of your seat and check that the number is the same as those listed. The approval number of affected products is 04 44596.

If you have an affected seat, stop using it and contact the manufacturer on 03332 412154. The manufacturer will arrange collection and you will be issued with a refund or replacement.

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