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Employers reminded of law relating to children

Monday, 29 June 2015

Ahead of the school summer holidays, employers are reminded that they should adhere to the law when hiring children of compulsory school age – 16 and under. 

The 2001 Education Act limits the number of hours children can work, the jobs they can do and the rest breaks they are entitled to and specifies earliest start times and latest finish times. 

Detailed guidance can be found at under ‘employment of children’. Alternatively, contact the Department of Education and Children via / +44 1624 685820. 

Last year, the Child Employment Research Group at the University of the West of Scotland carried out the first study of its kind on the Island to establish the nature and extent of children’s part-time work experience. 

The study found 40 per cent of Year 10 (14/15-year-old) and half of Year 11 (15/16-year-old) pupils hold down part-time jobs during term-time. 

The study found some children work later in the evening than the law permits while others carry out jobs that raise health and safety concerns. 

Interviews conducted with employers found that many were unaware of their responsibilities under the legislation. 

Employers found breaking the law can be fined up to £5,000.

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