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Financial Sanctions: Al-Qaida

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

This news release is issued in respect of the restrictive measures directed against certain persons and entities associated with the Al-Qaida network.

Annex I to Council Regulation (EC) No 881/2002 has been amended with effect from 18 January 2015, following the publication of Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 2015/64 (“the amending Regulation”).

The amending Regulation reflects the decisions made 2 January 2015 by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Committee to remove 2 individuals, and on 24 November, 12 and 30 December 2014 to amend the identifying information of 7 existing entries on its list.

The individuals removed from Annex I are no longer subject to the asset freeze imposed by the 2002 Regulation.



ABU SHAWEESH, Ismail, Mohamed, Ismail

DOB: 10/03/1977

DOB: Benghazi, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

Nationality: Stateless Palestinian

Passport Details:

  1. Travel document 0003684 (Egyptian)
  2. 981354 (Egyptian)

Address:  Germany

Other Information:  UN Ref QI.A.224.06. In detention since 22 May 2005. His brother is Yasser Mohamed Ismail Abu Shaweesh.

Group ID:  8916

AL-AQEEL, Aqeel, Abdulaziz, Aqeel

DOB: 29/04/1949

POB: Uneizah, Saudi Arabia


  1. ALAGEEL, Ageel, Abdulaziz, A
  2. AL-AQIL, Aqeel, Abdulaziz

Nationality: Saudi Arabian

Passport Details:

  1. C 1415363.  Issued on 21 May 2000 (16/2/1421H)
  2. E 839024. Issued on 3 Jan 2004.  Expired on 8 Nov 2008

Address: Saudi Arabia (as at Apr 2009).

Other Information: UN Ref QI.A.171.04.  In detention in Saudi Arabia as at Nov 2010.

Group ID: 8423


Deleted information appears in square brackets [ ].  Additional information appears in italics.


UMAROV, Doku Khamatovich


  1. 12/05/1964
  2. 13/04/1964
  3. 13/04/1965
  4. 1955

a.k.a.: BUTAYEV (Butaev), Lom-ali

POB: Kharsenoy Village, Shatoyskiy (Sovetskiy) District, Chechenskaya Respublika, Russian Federation


  1. Russian
  2. USSR (until 1991)

Passport no. 96 03 464086 (Russian passport issued on 01/06/2003)

Other Information:  UN Ref QI.U.290.11. Physical description: 180cm tall, dark hair, 7-9cm-long scar on the face, part of the tongue is missing, has a speech defect. Resides in the Russian Federation as at Nov 2010. International arrest warrant issued in the year 2000. Reportedly deceased as of April 2014. Interpol Special Notice contains biometric information.

Group ID: 11688



  1. --/--/1962
  2. --/--/1963
  3. --/--/1964
  4. --/--/1965
  5. --/--/1966
  6. --/--/1967
  7. --/--/1968
  8. 01/01/1971

POB: Sambi, Boyolali, Java, Indonesia

Nationality: Indonesian (as at December 2003)

Other Information: UN Ref QI.M.119.03. At large as at December 2003.

Group ID: 7840


DOB: --/--/1972


  3. [MAHMUD, Mochtar, Yasin] MOCHTAR, Yasin, Mahmud
  4. MUBAROK, Muhamad
  5. SYAWAL, Muhammad
  6. YASIN, Abdul, Hadi
  7. [YASIN, Salim] SYWAL, Yassin
  8. MUAMAR, Abu

Nationality: Indonesian

Other Information: UN Ref QI.S.123.03. Also referred to as Mahmud, and [Yassin] Mubarok.  At large as at December 2003.

Group ID: 7834

AL-AOUADI, Mohamed, Ben Belgacem, Ben Abdallah

DOB: 11/12/1974

POB: Tunis, Tunisia


  1. AOUADI, Mohamed, Ben Belkacem
  2. HANNACHI, Fathi

Nationality: Tunisian

Passport Details:

  1. L 191609 (Tunisian). Issued on 28 Feb 1996. Expired on 27 Feb 2001
  2. 04643632 (Tunisian). Issued 18 June 1999

National Identification no:

  1. [04643632. Issued on 18 June 1999]
  2. Italian Fiscal Code DAOMMD74T11Z352Z

Address: 50th Street, No 23, Zehrouni, Tunis, Tunisia

Other Information: UN Ref QI.A.60.02. Mother’s name is Ourida Bint Mohamed. Deported from Italy to Tunisia on 1 Dec 2004. Arrested in Tunisia in August 2013

Group ID: 7024

[BEN SOLTANE] HAMDI, Adel, Ben Al-Azhar, Ben Youssef

DOB: 14/07/1970

a.k.a.: BEN SOLTANE, Adel, Ben Al-Azhar, Ben Youssef

POB: Tunis, Tunisia

Nationality: Tunisian

Passport Details:  M408665 (Tunisian). Issued on 4 Oct 2000. Expired on 3 Oct 2005

National Identification no:

  1. Italian Fiscal Code BNSDLA70L14Z352B
  2. W334061 (Tunisian national identity number issued on 9th March 2011

Address: Tunisia

Other Information: UN Ref QI.B.68.02. Also referred to as Zakariya. Serving a 12 year prison sentence in Tunisia for membership in a terrorist organisation abroad as at Jan 2010. Deported from Italy to Tunisia on 28 February 2004. Arrested in Tunisia 2013. Legally changed family name from BEN SOLTANE to HAMDI in 2014.

Group ID: 7092

ELSSEID, Sami, Ben Khamis, Ben Saleh

DOB: 10/02/1968

POB:  Menzel Jemil Bizerte, Tunisia

a.k.a.: EL MOUHAJER, Omar

Nationality: Tunisian

Passport Details:

  1. K929139 (Tunisian). Issued on 14 Feb 1995. Expired on 13 Feb 2000
  2. 00319547 (Tunisian) issued on 8 December 1994

National Identification no:

  1. [00319547 issued on 8 Dec 1994]
  2. Italian Fiscal Code SSDSBN68B10Z352F

Address: Ibn Al-Haythman Street, No 6, Manubah, Tunis, Tunisia

Other Information: UN Ref QI.E.64.02. Also referred to as Saber. His mother’s name is Beya Al-Saidani. Deported from Italy to Tunisia on 2 June 2008. Imprisoned in Tunisia in August 2014.

Group ID: 7091



  1. 05/02/1969
  2. 05/02/1970


  1. Tripoli, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
  2. Tunis, Tunisia


  1. ABU ABDA, Mohamed
  2. AWANI, Mohamed, Ben Belgacem
  3. BEN HANI, Al-As’ad
  4. BEN HENI, Lased
  5. AOUANI, Mohamed

Passport No: W374031 (Tunisian national identity number issued on 11th April 2011)

Nationality: Tunisian

Other Information: UN Ref QI.B.62.02. Also referred to as Abu Obeida. Professor of Chemistry. Deported from Italy to Tunisia on 27 Aug 2006. Legally changed family name from AOUANI to LAKHAL in 2014.

Group ID: 7087

Financial institutions and other persons are requested to check whether they maintain any accounts or otherwise hold funds or economic resources for, or provide financial services to, the designated individuals. If so, they must freeze such accounts or other funds and, unless licenced by the Treasury, refrain from dealing with said funds or economic resources, and suspend the provision of any financial services. They must also report their findings to the Sanctions Officer at the Customs and Excise Division of the Treasury. Where a relevant institution has already reported details of accounts, other funds or economic resources held frozen for the designated individuals, they are not required to report these details again.

Further details of the sanctions regime related to Al-Qaida and links to the Consolidated List of Individuals and entities subject to other financial sanctions regimes may be found on the Customs and Excise pages of the Isle of Man Government website.

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