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Motorists warned over safety around schools

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Motorists are being warned to take care when parking and driving in the vicinity of the Isle of Man’s schools to avoid putting the safety of pupils at risk. This includes people dropping off and collecting their children.

Road safety around schools has been affected in the past by examples of irresponsible parking and drivers ignoring the lollipop patrols as they try to help children across the road.

Parking controllers have embarked on a programme of visits to schools to clamp down on unsafe and illegal parking.  School crossing patrols will always report motorists who fail to stop for the lollipop sign.

John Houghton MHK, Member of the Department of Infrastructure with responsibility for Highway Services, explained:

‘At the start and finish of the school day the roads around schools are very busy. This makes the area more dangerous so it is particularly important that motorists respect the parking restrictions, which are there for a good reason’.

Road Safety Manager Gordon Edwards said: 

‘Parking illegally, even just for a moment, to drop your child off could be enough to cause an accident injuring someone else’s child. Inconsiderate parking can also block the path of the emergency services should they be needed.’

Mr Edwards added:

‘It’s understood that busy families are pressed for time, particularly in the mornings, and it can be rush to get your children to and from school. Allow plenty of time for the school run so that you can park safely and avoid a fixed penalty ticket, or worse.’

Support your community by allowing more time to park with care and consideration.

Motorists warned over safety around schools 14

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