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Driving Licence and Driving Test Fees from 1st April 2014

Monday, 17 March 2014

The Driving Licences and Tests (Fees) Regulations 2013 were approved by Tynwald in January 2014 and will come into effect on 1 April 2014.

Fees for driving licences      

First provisional licence                                                                             £22

Subsequent provisional licence                                                                   £18

Full licence                                                                                               £36

Licence granted in exchange for an existing valid licence                               £18

Licence granted in place of a licence lost or defaced                                     £18

Licence granted in case of an emergency £33 in addition to the relevant fee 

The cost of shorter term licences issued due to age or medical condition will be reduced by £3.00 per year from the age of 65.

Full licence aged under 66 the fee will be £36 valid for 10 years

Aged 66 the fee will be £33.00 valid for 9 years

Aged 67 the fee will be £30.00 valid for 8 years

Aged 68 the fee will be £27 valid for 7 years

Aged 69 the fee will be £24 valid for 6 years

Aged 70 the fee will be £21 valid for 5 years

Aged 71 the fee will be £18 valid for 4 years

Aged 72 or over the fee will be £15 valid for 3 years

In the case of a licence issued for 1 or 2 years (including medical reasons) the fee will be £10. 

International Driving Permit                                                                        £11

Emergency Transaction Fee                                                                       £33                                                                             

Theory Test Fees 

Application for a Theory Test                                                                      £35

Appeal against the failure to pass a theory test                                             £35

Application for a duplicate certificate of passing a test                                   £12


Driving Test Fees

                                                                             Monday to Friday     Saturday

Car (category B)                                                                   £57              £67

Motorcycle (category A)                                                         £57              £67

Large goods vehicles (category C, C1, C+E)                             £65              £76

Passenger vehicles (category D, D1, D+E)                                £65              £76

Car plus trailer (category B+E)                                                £65              £76

Tractor and specialist vehicles                                                £65              £76 

Fees for extended tests

Motorcycles with or without a sidecar and mopeds                  £98              £108

Any other class of vehicle                                                     £120             £142

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