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Staff feedback helping to change Government

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Feedback from the first survey of its kind open to all Government employees will ultimately benefit the public as well as staff, says Chief Minister Allan Bell MHK.

Nearly 3,400 staff completed the ‘Have Your Say’ survey in February and March this year, representing 37% of the entire workforce.  This is the first time a survey has ever been carried out across the whole of the Public Service.

An initial summary of responses, showing a mixed picture of positive points and areas for improvement, has been shared with employees and is published today at

The survey indicates strong team spirit and customer focus amongst staff, with a majority recognising the need for change within Government. Many staff showed strong levels of direct engagement with their Department, but fewer staff felt engaged with the Isle of Man Government as a whole.  There was a strong view that change needed to be managed better and poor staff performance should be addressed more consistently by managers. 

The Chief Minister commented:

‘The Isle of Man Government’s greatest resource is the people who work for it. The survey will help us to make the most of their dedication, skill and experience, for the sake of the staff themselves and the public that they serve.

‘The survey is one of a number of initiatives to improve two-way communication with our employees and is the first of its kind to be run right across Government. It’s common in large organisations elsewhere to run corporate staff surveys, where the value of staff engagement in improving productivity is well recognised.’

‘If we are to deliver change in the Island’s public sector it is important that staff feel connected to Government as a whole and understand what the wider organisation is trying to achieve. As well as listening to our employees, we are encouraging them to recognise that they are all part of a single team serving the Isle of Man and its people’.

Mr Bell concluded:

‘The Have Your Say survey provides a platform for action to address the issues raised and to make the Isle of Man Government a better organisation for both staff and public. I would like to thank everyone who responded to the survey – their feedback is valuable and it will be followed up.’

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