New bribery legislation and guidance to be introduced

Friday, 29 November 2013

New legislation to strengthen the Isle of Man’s ability to combat bribery will come into effect next month.

The Bribery Act 2013, which is being introduced by appointed day order on 16 December, aims to keep the Island at the forefront of international standards.

At the same time, official guidance will be published to help Isle of Man businesses to comply with the new legislation.

The Department of Home Affairs sought the views of the local business community and wider Manx public about the guidance information as part of a consultation process earlier this year.

Responses to that consultation have been considered by the Department and are reflected in the final guidance document which is now available on the Government website.

Home Affairs Minister Juan Watterson MHK said:

‘The introduction of the Bribery Act 2013 is a further demonstration of the Isle of Man’s commitment to stamping out corruption and supporting fair trade and international development. This legislation is intended to enhance the Island’s reputation as a responsible nation, while supporting economic growth by not being overly bureaucratic for business.’

The main difference between the Bribery Act 2013 and the legislation it is set to replace, the Corruption Act 2008, is the introduction of a new offence. This will make a commercial organisation liable to be prosecuted for failing to prevent bribery if a person associated with it commits a bribery offence anywhere in the world for the benefit of that organisation. However, as in the UK, the organisation will have a defence if it can prove that it had in place adequate procedures designed to prevent such criminal conduct occurring.

Minister Watterson added:

‘The guidance document is aimed at giving local businesses of all sizes and from all sectors a helping hand. It sets out their responsibilities under the Act and the measures they can put in place to prevent bribery.’

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