Noble's Hospital Hearing Aid Service looks to reduce number of hearing aids lost by patients

Friday, 14 June 2013

Due to the large number of hearing aids being lost by patients, the Audiology Department at Noble’s Hospital is introducing a modest charge to replace them. From Monday, 1 July, patients who lose their hearing aids will be required to pay an administration charge of £25 per hearing aid before it will be replaced.

Mr Stephen Griffiths, Head of Audiology said:

'On average each year, some 150 hearing aids are lost or misplaced by patients. This has a huge impact on the service in terms of cost and time which ultimately impacts upon those patients who look after their devices.'

Hearing aids are prescribed and given to patients free of charge on a permanent loan basis and the Department is keen to raise awareness of the need to look after them whilst putting in place a deterrent against the loss of them. A hearing aid typically costs around £100 plus the costs of taking and fitting moulds to the ear, staff time and maintenance costs.

Mr Griffiths added:

'The decision to introduce a charge was not taken lightly and whilst the large majority of patients do look after their aids, we have a small percentage of patients who repeatedly lose them time after time. The last thing we want to do is to have to charge a patient and I really hope this policy will act as a deterrent against losing these valuable pieces of equipment.'

Further information can be obtained from the Audiology Department at Noble’s Hospital by e-mailing or telephoning +44 1624 650407. 

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