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Isle of Man Government provides emergency aid for UK humanitarian charities

Monday, 23 December 2013

The International Development Committee (IDC) of the Isle of Man Government has pledged a total of £50,000 in response to three emergency appeals for aid.

Funding has been provided to UNICEF UK for its response to the humanitarian crisis in the Central African Republic and Human Appeal International for their responses to the cyclone in Somalia and the refugee crisis in Niger Republic.


Response to children affected in the Central African Republic

Awarded: £20,000

Over the past 12 months the Central African Republic has experienced escalating internal conflict, affecting approximately 4.6million people. The United Nations has declared the situation as a level 3 emergency (the highest emergency level). UNICEF’s project will protect displaced children from the risk of violence and human trafficking whilst also providing water and sanitation facilities to refugee camps.

Human Appeal International

Emergency response to early recovery needs of the people affected by cyclone in Somalia

Awarded: £15,000

On the 10 November 2013 a cyclone hit the North-East coast of Somalia. According to local authorities more than 300 people lost their lives, some 50,000 people are severely affected and more than 100,000 livestock died. The funds granted by the IDC will  provide 114 families with food packs to meet the early recovery needs of those most vulnerable and affected families.

Human Appeal International

Emergency relief for Refugees in Niger Republic

Awarded: £15,000

More than 40,000 refugees have fled the Northern Nigerian border in the Niger Republic. The influx of people into the country is placing further strain on a country which struggles with food insecurity due to years of drought. The project will provide emergency relief to the refugees by providing access to food, water and sanitation facilities.

Chair of the International Development Committee, Phil Gawne MHK commented;

‘At this time of the year we are reminded of the humanitarian messages of loving our neighbours and looking after those people less fortunate than ourselves. As we look forward to celebrating Christmas it is good to know that our small Island nation is in a position to help some of the many millions of people who will be suffering this Christmas.’

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