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Island's new Renal Unit officially opened

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The new Renal Satellite Dialysis Unit at Ramsey and District Cottage Hospital was officially opened today. Mr Ken Devaney, a Trustee of the Eric and Marion Scott Trust, which funded the majority of the equipment and the plant for the Unit, performed the unveiling of a commemorative plaque commissioned for the occasion, in the presence of the Minister for Health, members of the Scott Trust and the Ramsey and District Cottage Hospital Welfare Trustees, along with other invited guests and Department staff.

Renal Unit Offical Opening

The opening of the Renal Satellite Dialysis Unit fulfils a key element of the Department’s long term vision to develop renal services in the Isle of Man, through increasing capacity and versatility for the service and by improving convenience and choice for patients. The facility was made possible through a generous donation of £250,000 by the Eric and Marion Scott Trust, supported by the Ramsey and District Cottage Hospital Welfare Trustees who acted as custodians for the funds during the build. 

Minister for Health, David Anderson MHK, said: “We are most grateful to Treasury for the capital funding that made the renovation of the former Maughold Ward possible and to the Scott Trustees for their generous donation to provide equipment and plant for the facility. The Renal Satellite Unit here at Ramsey will improve the capacity to deliver vital life sustaining treatments to patients with kidney disease, enabling more dialysis sessions to take place each week. The opening of the unit brings this crucial service into a community setting closer to the patients’ homes. The delivery of healthcare services in community settings, where appropriate, is a key part of the Department’s Strategy for the Future of Health Services.”

Pam Makin, Senior Nurse for Intensive Care and Renal Services said: “The equipment that the Scott Trust has helped to provide includes haemodiafiltration dialysis machines which enable us to give a choice of the types of dialysis we offer to patients. Not only are we able to treat and support Isle of Man patients closer to their homes with our increased capacity, we can now offer dialysis to holiday patients. Since we opened in June, we have provided dialysis to four UK patients who booked sessions through their local hospital, before coming on holiday. We have even had enquiries for next year’s TT period, so the patients can come to the Island to watch the motorcycle racing, and continue to receive dialysis treatment. The feedback from both Isle of Man and UK patients has been very positive.”

The Renal Service provides Island-wide care for patients with kidney disease. The development also enabled Ramsey and District Cottage Hospital to install a state-of-the-art water purification plant, used to prime the dialysis machines before each treatment session. The new plant allows for contingency in the event of contamination to the Island’s water supply or a failure of the water purification plant at Noble’s Hospital, meaning that all dialysis patients could be treated at Ramsey.

Cath Quilliam, Director of Community Nursing, said: “The introduction of this Renal Satellite Unit enables Renal Services to be delivered closer to patients’ homes, which I know patients very much appreciate and benefit from. I would like to add my thanks to everyone involved in bringing this unit to fruition.”

Mr Devaney, on opening the unit, said: “It is an honour to be invited to perform the official opening of the Renal Dialysis Unit at Ramsey and District Cottage Hospital. The Scott Trustees have welcomed the opportunity to be involved in the project. We have learnt much about the critical nature of this treatment and are pleased to have donated funding to supply the equipment and plant for the Unit.”

The Renal Dialysis Unit at Ramsey and District Cottage Hospital provides clinics six days a week between 8:00am and 6:00pm.

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