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Temporary suspension of elective colorectal surgery at Noble's Hospital

Thursday, 22 November 2012

The Department of Health will temporarily suspend performing elective colorectal surgery at Noble's Hospital from today.

The decision to suspend surgery has been taken as a consequence of a recent recognition of a higher than expected complication rate in patients undergoing colorectal surgery.

Medical Director, Mr Stephen Upsdell, said:

'The decision to suspend a service is never one that is taken lightly, however safety is always paramount and our overriding consideration. We have temporarily suspended colorectal surgery whilst we investigate practices and procedures. Our investigations are likely to include an external review. It must be recognised that this type of surgery is often high-risk surgery and that some of the patients are often very sick. Those patients who are very ill are more likely to experience complications following this surgery, and this may be contributory in our case. It is not uncommon for a healthcare organisation to take these steps as part of good patient safety and governance procedures. Indeed, we have a responsibility to do so, and ensure that the highest quality of care is provided to our patients at Noble's Hospital'.

The Department would like to reassure patients that those requiring elective colorectal surgery within the next few weeks will be referred to an NHS Trust within the UK and their surgery will be performed as planned. Only a relatively small number of patients will be affected by this. Noble's Hospital will take every step to ensure that treatment for those patients who require it will not be interrupted or delayed. Emergency colorectal surgery will continue to be performed on-Island at Noble's Hospital.

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