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Langness Peninsula - public rights of way confirmed

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

On Thursday 26 April, Deemster Doyle handed down his judgement that the Department of Infrastructure should amend the Definitive Maps and Statement with regards to the footpaths on Langness. The Department of Infrastructure will formally amend the Definitive Maps and Statement to show the paths, and also take steps to put up signs to show where the public rights of way are. The Department has checked and confirmed that the paths are open, however, one of the paths has a short footbridge which has been assessed as unsafe and the Department has closed this whilst repairs are organised and these will be completed in the next few weeks. (This path leads from the sea side of the Langness Lighthouse out to the fog horn).

The paths are considered to be public rights of way and this status will be retained unless there is a successful appeal. There is a right of appeal within 6 weeks of this decision.

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