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Victoria House 'Party' to raise funds for physiotherapy

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Victoria House ‘Party’ to raise funds for PhysiotherapyThe Department of Health has received a generous donation from Victoria House Nursery where staff and children raised £300 for children’s physiotherapy equipment by holding in-house party days, and encouraging the children to deposit their loose change into a money tube on the premises.

The decision to make a donation to Noble’s Hospital’s Physiotherapy Department was made after one of the Nursery’s children was cared for by utilising a specialist piece of equipment called a Hip Spica, which had to be sourced on loan. This equipment immobilises the hips and thighs and is used to facilitate the healing of injured hip joints or femurs (thigh bones). The money will go towards the purchase of a Hip Spica for the Physiotherapy Department, to benefit other young patients who might require similar treatment in the future.

Carolyn Nicholson, Principal and Owner of Victoria House Nursery said:

'I am very pleased to be able to present this donation to the Paediatric Physiotherapy Service at Noble’s Hospital and would like to take the opportunity to thank the Physiotherapy team for all their hard work and care given to one of our children during the recent months. The children had so much fun raising money through the party days and also putting their pennies into the money tube.'

Michelle Breed, Acting Therapies Services Manager said:

'We are so grateful to Victoria House Nursery for raising this money on our behalf. Owning this equipment, rather than having to source it on loan, will make it much easier to provide this type of treatment to our paediatric patients, improving their comfort and also saving the Department valuable time and money.'

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